A Caribbean company, doing business the Dutch way, with a Latin Flavor.

Hi, Hola, Hallo, Salut,

Welcome to EoM N.V. Business Group!

Starting out as a small business in 2007 in Curacao, we have always had big goals. We have a passion for uncovering innovative technology solutions. We also realized that business professionals today need competent support to survive in this era of rapid development. With this in mind and 20+ years of experience behind us, our group joined forces to create a company with a vision to improve the application of technology within businesses in the Caribbean.

By the combined efforts of a small but determined team of experienced industry professionals, our company has now grown to become a multinational corporation with sub-locations in the Caribbean and South America.

From our offices located in Curacao, Trinidad & Tobago, Puerto Rico, and Colombia, we Manage a team of technical support staff and trusted advisors who work to satisfy the needs of our clients from the islands of Bahamas all the way to the South American countries of Suriname and Colombia.

Our aim continues to be: to provide our customers with the highest quality of products and services that are guaranteed to meet their needs and keep them satisfied.


To become the best trusted advisor for critical applications such as Data centers, Energy Industry that provides the most complete range of energy efficiency solutions and services through our passion and values.


Our mission is to provide reliable solutions and services based on a customer-centric approach. We are focused on deliver more value to our customers.

Our team

Edward Van Heijningen


Gaylord Siberie

Service Manager

Rene Pieters


Andre Salim

Enterprise Sales Manager Caribbean Region

Ana Milena Barrantes

Sales Manager Andean Region


EoM NV is the 3rd listing of a local private company on the DCSX. The public bond issue makes it possible for EoM to achieve further growth of its activities in the Caribbean and Latin America.

EoM has proven itself to be a reliable partner of leading suppliers such as Schneider Electric, but has also invested heavily in training and certification of its employees in order to serve the growing market of data centers in the region on a world-class level.